Bath by Deborah Hanekamp

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Bath by Deborah Hanekamp


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Bath by Deborah Hanekamp includes four Ritual Baths designed to be used over the course of one month. The Herbal Ally Blend consists of a selection of herbs and plants to nourish the skin to feel blessed and protected. The Herbal Ally blend calls in plant spirit medicine to remind you that you are a child of the earth. The Spirit Cleansing Salts are designed to cleanse your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. The sustainably sourced healing crystals keep you grounded and aware in the presence of love. The selenite wand and palo santo stick cleanse, bless  and protect your aura so you arrive into the bath clear. The handmade essential oil infused candle and rose petals create sacred Space for your Ritual Bath. Each Ritual Bath you take is designed to leave you feeling confident and grounded.

Bath by Deborah Hanekamp Includes:

One reusable bamboo box

One hand poured crystal and essential oil infused candle

One bag of Herbal Ally Blend

One bag of Spirit Cleansing Salts

Four organic Muslin bags with eggplant derived ink

One Rose Quartz Crystal

One Black Tourmaline Crystal

One Palo Santo Stick

One Selenite Wand (please do not get your selenite wet)

Rose Petals (sourced from a family owned farm)

Four White Sage Leaves

You will receive a code to access and download a guided meditation the BYOH (Be Your Own Healer) Ritual Bath Ceremony with purchase.

***Please note Bath by Deborah Hanekamp contains palo santo essential oil which is a dermal irritant for women who are pregnant**

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